Opportunities for postgraduate and postdoctoral students in the group at DCU are available.  Contact Dr. Kerrigan ( for more details.

Current Members of the group:

Shubhanjan Mitra, IRC GOI Postdoctoral Fellow, 2019-2021.

Sophie Connolly, M.Sc. student, 2019-2021 (supported by DCU School of Chemical Sciences).

Former Members of the group:

Postgraduate and Postdoctorate Students

Mukulesh Mondal, Manashi Panda, Ahmad Ibrahim, and Shi Chen carried out postdoctoral work at Oakland University.

The PI’s group had 6 postgraduate students (3 Ph.D. and 3 M.S.) and 4 postdoctoral research associates involved in the group’s research from 2006-2018.

3 Ph.D. students have graduated from the group: Ahmad Ibrahim (Ph.D., 2006-2011), Shi Chen (Ph.D., 2010-2015), and Nicholas J. Peraino (Ph.D., 2012-2017).

3 M.S. students have graduated: Pei-Hsun Wei (M.S., 2008-2010), Divya Nalla (M.S., 2009-2011) and Han-Jen Ho (M.S., 2009-2012).

Undergraduate Students

2017-2018: Antoine Beuque and Evan Viola were visiting researchers from INP-ENSIACET, Toulouse.  In addition, 3 Fourth Year undergraduate students (Chrismae Bergado, Kieran Burns, and James McAteer)  worked on projects at DCU during the Winter 2018 semester.

The PI’s group has had a total of 42 undergraduate students involved in the group’s research from 2006-2020; 14 have appeared as co-authors on peer-reviewed publications, while 15 have made oral or poster presentations at conferences.

Old group news and photos

Photos from 2010:

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