Opportunities for postgraduate and postdoctoral students in the group at DCU are available.

Potential postdoctoral researchers are encouraged to apply for fellowships such as:

IRC GOI Postdoctoral Fellowship (deadline is usually October/November each year)

MSCA Individual Fellowships (deadline is usually September each year)

Contact Dr. Kerrigan ( for more details.

Current Members of the group:

Shubhanjan Mitra, IRC GOI Postdoctoral Fellow, 2019-2022.

Sophie Connolly, M.Sc. student, 2019-2021 (supported by DCU School of Chemical Sciences).


Dr. Martin Breugst, Universität zu Köln, Germany (Computational and Mechanistic Studies).

Dr. Brendan Egan, School of Health and Human Performance, Dublin City University (Metabolic studies of small molecules).

Dr. Andrew Kellett, School of Chemical Sciences, Dublin City University (Antisense oligonucleotide synthesis).

Prof. Milan Pour, School of Pharmacy,  Charles University, Czech Republic  (Biological activity of Beta-lactams).

Prof. Vickie McKee, School of Chemical Sciences, DCU & Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark (X-ray crystallographic studies).

Former Members of the group:

Postgraduate and Postdoctorate Students

Mukulesh Mondal, Manashi Panda, Ahmad Ibrahim, and Shi Chen carried out postdoctoral work at Oakland University.

The PI’s group had 7 postgraduate students (3 Ph.D. and 4 M.S.) and 5 postdoctoral research associates involved in the group’s research from 2006-2022.

3 Ph.D. students have graduated from the group: Ahmad Ibrahim (Ph.D., 2006-2011), Shi Chen (Ph.D., 2010-2015), and Nicholas J. Peraino (Ph.D., 2012-2017).

3 M.S. students have graduated: Pei-Hsun Wei (M.S., 2008-2010), Divya Nalla (M.S., 2009-2011) and Han-Jen Ho (M.S., 2009-2012).

Undergraduate Students

2017-2018: Antoine Beuque and Evan Viola were visiting researchers from INP-ENSIACET, Toulouse.  In addition, 3 Fourth Year undergraduate students (Chrismae Bergado, Kieran Burns, and James McAteer)  worked on projects at DCU during the Winter 2018 semester.

The PI’s group has had a total of 42 undergraduate students involved in the group’s research from 2006-2020; 14 have appeared as co-authors on peer-reviewed publications, while 15 have made oral or poster presentations at conferences.

Old group news and photos

Photos from 2010:

Former group members:

Group publicity:


At Oakland University:

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