Kerrigan group news

October 2019: Congrats to Mukulesh, Manashi and Nick Davis on their publication in Chem. Commun.

This paper describes a novel dual catalytic system for the preparation of enantioenriched cyclopentanones from ketenes and donor-acceptor cyclopropanes.

August 2019:  Congrats to Mukulesh and Manashi on their publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry (J. Org. Chem. 201984, 11983-11991).

This paper describes a new method for accessing enantioenriched furans from ketenes and vinylcyclopropanes through Pd catalysis.

August 2019:  We say goodbye to our summer internship and Naughton Fellowship students:   Margaux Badufle, Nicolas Jamey, Thomas Kacius and Abbey Wood.  We thank you for your efforts over the summer – you’ll be missed!

April 2019: Chrismae Bergado takes up a position as research assistant in the group.  Welcome Chris!

May 2018:  Welcome to Antoine Beuque and Evan Viola from INP-ENSIACET Toulouse, who join the group for the summer.

March 2018:  Well done to Mukulesh and Shi on having their review describing ‘Recent Developments in Vinylsulfonium and Vinylsulfoxonium salt Chemistry’ accepted by Molecules.

March 2018:  Congrats to Mukulesh on being recognised as an Outstanding Reviewer for MedChemComm.

August 2017: Nessan moves back to Ireland to take up a Lecturer position at Dublin City University.

May 2017:  Sven Kaster leaves the group to attend graduate school at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Good luck Sven!

Congrats also to Nicholas Davis on being accepted into University of California Santa Barbara graduate school!

May 2017:  Nicholas Peraino graduates with Ph.D.  Congrats Nick!