Kerrigan group news

September 2022: Congrats to Mukulesh, Sophie, Shi and Shubhanjan on their recent review of the chemistry of sulfonium ylides published in Organics

February 2022: Well done to Mukulesh and Shubhanjan on having their article on enantioselective pyrazolidinone  synthesis accepted by Chem. Eur. J.

2021:  Congratulations to Ahmad and the rest of the team on their publications in Tetrahedron and Arkivoc!

November 2020: Congrats to Nick, Mukulesh, and the rest of the team on having your paper accepted by the European Journal of Organic Chemistry

This article describes extensive studies carried out investigating the scope and mechanism of a one-pot synthesis of gamma-lactones through the reaction of sulfoxonium ylides with aldehydes and ketenes.

September 2020: A big congratulations to Sophie on winning the ICI Judges’ Choice Poster prize!

August 2020: Well done to Manashi, Mukulesh, Ahmad, Shi and Dylan on their paper in the European Journal of Organic Chemistry

The paper is an article describing their work on the mechanism of Pd-catalyzed hydrogenolysis of ketene heterodimer β-lactones.

December 2019:  We say goodbye to Chrismae Bergado as he takes up a new position at FBA labs in Waterford.

December 2019: Well done to Shubhanjan on winning a poster prize at the CSCB Symposium!

October 2019: A big welcome to Sophie Connolly, M.Sc. student, and Shubhanjan Mitra, IRC GOI Postdoctoral Fellow, who have joined the group.

October 2019: Congrats to Mukulesh, Manashi and Nick Davis on their publication in Chem. Commun.

This paper describes a novel dual catalytic system for the preparation of enantioenriched cyclopentanones from ketenes and donor-acceptor cyclopropanes.

August 2019:  Congrats to Mukulesh and Manashi on their publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry (J. Org. Chem. 201984, 11983-11991).

This paper describes a new method for accessing enantioenriched furans from ketenes and vinylcyclopropanes through Pd catalysis.

August 2019:  We say goodbye to our summer internship and Naughton Fellowship students:   Margaux Badufle, Nicolas Jamey, Thomas Kacius and Abbey Wood.  We thank you for your efforts over the summer – you’ll be missed!

April 2019: Chrismae Bergado takes up a position as research assistant in the group.  Welcome Chris!

May 2018:  Welcome to Antoine Beuque and Evan Viola from INP-ENSIACET Toulouse, who join the group for the summer.

March 2018:  Well done to Mukulesh and Shi on having their review describing ‘Recent Developments in Vinylsulfonium and Vinylsulfoxonium salt Chemistry’ accepted by Molecules.

March 2018:  Congrats to Mukulesh on being recognised as an Outstanding Reviewer for MedChemComm.

August 2017: Nessan moves back to Ireland to take up a Lecturer position at Dublin City University.

May 2017:  Sven Kaster leaves the group to attend graduate school at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Good luck Sven!

Congrats also to Nicholas Davis on being accepted into University of California Santa Barbara graduate school!

May 2017:  Nicholas Peraino graduates with Ph.D.  Congrats Nick!